Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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The Versus Show is back for it's third (the charm) season. The two artists that have hitched their wagon to this shining star are the spark worthy Rob Scott and Nick Hornum. Bring on the fireworks we say.
The ‘versus' concept was spawned over a year ago by artist Mel Baxter (curator Curvy, Hand Drawn, New York Buck). We got to gabbing with Mel B...

Us: What exactly is a ‘versus show'
Mel B: A versus show is the love child of two artists' mutual admiration and creative collaboration; mixed in with a whole bunch of live art, video installations, sculpture, and live music.

Us: Can we expect something different from this show?
Mel B: The Versus Show II brought you skateboarding in the carpark, decks and photography in the gallery and plenty of tunes and beverages to keep you well out of harms way from the hum drum and the drunken metro brawlers of the valley. The Versus Show III promises the same bundle of visual and auditory fun - but with some home improvement. You'll see two of Brisbane's top emerging artists battling it out for Versus Show Live Art supremacy joined by local artists Georg, Shida, Gus and friends, and of course Nick and Rob's new collection of work in the gallery.

Us: Tell us more!
Mel B:  To put the cherry on top of the pie - there'll be live music from Stemford Hiss man Nick Shields as well as projected short film from Luke Smith.

Us: By George! Let the games begin

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